Thursday, June 4, 2015

A 1E/OSRIC Magic Item Recharger

Apparatus of Magic Gathering.

C Mitchell Flogstrout, the illustrious and ambitious Mage who has lived in in near mythical status for the past 30 years devised a magic re-charging apparatus many years ago that would allow him to re-charge magical items such as wands, staves and rods without requiring him to spend his time and magical energies on such mundane tasks.

The apparatus is more of an antennae to capture magical energies.  It is then a simple matter (to him) to then have the apparatus re-direct those energies into the item needing to be re-charged.

This magical device has only been built once and supposedly still sits somewhere in the ruins of Master Flogstrout's castle.  However,  sometime ago, a thief made off with a scroll lent to one of Master Flogstrouts former allies.  That scroll was copied seven times and thus there are now seven copies of the designs of that magical apparatus in the world.  The original scroll has long since disappeared and many say that Master Flogstrout himself re-claimed his scroll at the cost of the thief's life who originally took it.

The device can re-charge a magic item with up to 20 points per day (1d20).  Thus, an item with 100 points can take at no less than five days to complete a re-charge of an item.

The cost to build the device, with all of it's highly valuable components, is nearly one million GP (958,250 GP to be exact).

Master Flogstrout, if he would re-charge anyone's items besides his own, would charge no less than 5GP/magic point of charging.

How the device operates is that the item to be charged is placed in a holder at the top of the apparatus which resembles a very large incense burning board.  It is about as big as a surf board.  The apparatus must be located in a high place such as in the uppermost chamber of a tower, to be most effective.  This is not something that is easily carried or transported.

A sigil, representing the spell to be charged, is drawn into the magical fine white sand that covers the bottom of the apparatus.  For each spell to be charged, the proper sigil for it must be drawn in the sand prior to beginning the charging session.  first one spell, followed by the next spell followed by the next and so on.  Multiple spells CANNOT  be charged at the same time.  In the attempt to do so, the apparatus will irreparably destroyed.

The Mage doing the charging must know the proper spell and the proper sigil to draw for the spell.  If the sigil is drawn incorrectly or the wrong sigil is drawn, the charging will not work.

No one knows if or how many of these have been built by mages in the world.  One thing to be sure is that if they have one, they will not sell it.  "IF" you were to find one that could be bought, it would surely cost 1.5 to 2 million GP easily, if not more.