I always find it interesting to know what lies buried beneath the motivations of authors in my favorite stories.  So In this page, I will give a little bit of what moved me to include places, people, things, etc... in my own stories.  Just in case anyone might be wondering.


"Downfall" is a story based on some player characters I created for playing in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition and OSRIC RPG games.



Jolly is named after a level 1 magic user I created whose actual name is Jolly Fuzzwhacker.  I have a background story for him as I do when I create most of my PC's but I never really got to play him much.  Including him in this story kind of lets me see where he could go in gaming.


New Edinburgh 

I was born and raised and have lived all my life in South Omaha.  South Omaha started out as a town in it's own right unil it was annexed (crookedly some still say) by neighboring Omaha.  When the township was first laid out and incorporated though, it's financial backers were investors from Scotland and they wanted to name the town "New Edinburg".  After the financing washed out, financiers from Omaha stepped in and the town was renamed South Omaha.  I always wondered what kind of city a "New Edinburgh" could be.  Now I'm finding out.


One of the stores my wife and I prefer to shop at is Aldi's.  They offer very good quality food and items at very reasonable prices.  I swear, depending on the season and timing, you can find just about anything you can think of in an Aldi's store.  SO, what better name for my little boomtown than after my favorite place to get things I want.  Aldi's.


Billy's Chalice

The chalice is a cursed artifact I came up with in my homebrew 1E/OSRIC gaming world to account for how my favorite kind of autonomous and flesh eating zombies such as found in George Romero movies.  The chalice, in my gameworld, was created by none other than that Sumerian rascal Imdugud AKA Pazuzu notable from the movie(s) The Exorcist".  Imdugud is the demon or demi-god who brings the horrible diseases in the Christian Bible.  He is about as evil and nasty as they come and cursing people with a disease-like curse of becoming cannibalistic, predatory zombies is right up his alley.

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