Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sword 1 of The Seven Swords

The Sword of Corriea is an Intelligent sword, L/G alignment, INT 15, CHA 17.  The sword’s personality is such that it will not tolerate betrayal, dishonesty, treason or deceit.  The Sword of Corriea is also known as the Patriots Sword.  While worn or held, the bearer can hear what others say but the sword will inform them at the same time of the truth, always encouraging the bearer to speak out and challenge the “traitors” it beholds.  

It is a +4 sword vs demons and devils, otherwise +2 against all else.
It has a minor power allowing it to detect traps within 10 foot radius.
It has a minor power of being able to see invisible things in a 10 ft radius
It has a major power of Knowing Truth within 50 ft radius of speaker
It uses limited telepathy to communicate with only the bearer. while in physical contact.
It has a Special Ability to hear or be aware of whispers or secreted activity within 50 feet
The sword has an Ego of 17 and takes a beneficial but dominating control of the bearer who has a lower personality score.