Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eragon-izing AD&D 1E

My kids are what brought me back to AD&D after about 20 years of being away.  They love AD&D 1E now that they have gotten to play it.

They also like modern fantasy themes which include the idea of a dragon rider as they saw in Eragon.  Yes, between you and me there ave been numerous "dragon riders" in fantasy fiction before Eragon showed up, but they didn't have movies made about them and get such public interest, at least for my kids.

I have been pondering how to continue with AD&D 1E and adding a dragon rider somehow.  I've talked with others in online forums and read many articles related to the concept.  I've been under the notion that it would be too difficult to make happen.

Then it hit me, AD&D 1E already has a basis for a dragon rider.  A fighter/magic user who is able to employ both abilities at the same time (so to speak).  In AD&D though, it's called a Ranger.

The difference between a Ranger and a Rider is that Riders use Dragon magic which requires no material components.

Of the dragons listed in the Monster Manuals, they won't be able to be ridden as their character has already been established as non ride-able.  I expect to create a type of dragon that is intelligent and interested in sharing a bond with a Rider.  That way, existing dragons within AD&D aren't compromised.

I'll post more on the Dragon Rider development as I go along.  Please feel free to comment with suggestions on how to make the character and related additions fit into the AD&D world as fluidly as possible.

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