Tuesday, June 12, 2012

AD&D Jr.

I run a game for two of my kids right now who are 11 and 13 years old.  They do well with AD&D 1E and love the game.

I have a newly minted 8 year old though who is dying to roleplay with her brother and sister but 1E is beyond her by just a bit yet.  Give her a couple more years and I think she will be fine.

Having said that,  I was interested in taking on an adventure of my own and creating a version of an rpg that is influenced by AD&D1E but much simpler, more straight forward.  Think Monopoly Jr and some of the other Jr versions of traditional games that have been out for a few years  now.

I have a 5 page PDF that is the beginning of my effort at AD&D Jr.  I would like to get some input on it.

Download it here and let me know what you think.

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