Thursday, July 5, 2012

Keeping things interesting

I notice there seem to be two primary approaches to playing AD&D.

Those who play as though it is a season of "24" in which every minute of every day is filled with tension, action and intrigue.

Or, the "skip the monotony" folks who will roll for wandering monsters or encounters on a once an hour or so basis so as to move through the boring bits quickly and then focus on when something does happen.

I lean more towards "skip the monotony", though I am more of an increased randomness person.

Instead of just rolling for wandering monsters once per hour of the day, I have other types of interactions to fill in the time. So I still roll once an hour for wandering monsters who I treat as opponents, but I also roll once an hour for non-opponent encounters, then once an hour for "shit happens" events like a tire hitting a rock or hole and falling off or a horse breaks a leg on a hole in the road, etc..

Sometimes I can roll all three for the hour and still nothing happens. Talk about a boring time. Eventually though one of the three rolls hits or even all three come up and then there's more action than anyone wanted.

I've done a "shit happens" roll where a tire fell off a wagon, a "non opponent" roll where an elf stopped to ask for directions and a "wandering monster" roll in which party of orcs attacked all at the same time.

Now things are getting interesting.

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