Monday, October 29, 2012

Introducing a new PC/NPC, Jolly Fuzzwhacker

Here is my newest friend, Jolly Fuzzwhacker.

Jolly is a first level Magic User in an AD&D 1E/OSRIC environment found in my game world of Terra Ursa.

He is about six foot two inches tall and goes about 140 pounds.  A tall, not exactly slender fella but no heavyweight by any stretch of the imagination.

Hailing from a place of darkness and sorrow called Poe-land, his background is one of surviving truly haunting places and growing up among the maddest and desperate type of people.

Originally raised on a farm as many do in this deeply rural country, he was sent to a remote city to become apprenticed to a shadowy Magic User name Alexander Crowley.

Master Crowley, a twelfth level Wizard himself was a foreboding, demanding and cruel master.  He cared little for Jolly's well being and while making sure that Jolly was taught the lessons an apprentice should learn, his lessons were hard and bitter.

Jolly however was a bright light in a shadow cast world and as his name suggests, he refused to let the darkness of Alexander Crowley break him.

He learned a great deal at the hand of his dark master and Master Crowley was long overdue in releasing Jolly from his apprenticeship.  However, the day came when Jolly demanded his just freedom and release to make his way in the world as a Magic User in his own right.

Armed with only his personal belongings which included all the spells he had learned up to that point in his apprenticeship and a few more that he had learned while participating in some of Master Crowley's experiments and deeds, Jolly set himself to going home to see his family and then setting out into the world.

As a last bitter act for Jolly leaving his service against his personal intentions, Wizard Alexander Crowley sent a series of magic missiles at Jolly's cart from a distance.  While he was thrown from the cart his parent's had sent for him, he was left with a scar across the right side of his face from his forehead to his lower jaw and cheek from a piece of metal that had been thrown off the cart as it exploded.

After several weeks in his family's care, Jolly has now left home to build his powers and abilities so that he may bring due justice to those who would serve evil and bring tragedy to others.

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