Friday, January 31, 2014

The Liars Blade

This blade is enchanted to act as a sort of "lie detector". If the blade is used to draw blood from a specific person (only one person at a time) and the blood is not cleaned off of the blade, the knife will glow like a black light when the person who was cut tells a lie if they stand within 20 feet of the knife. if they are telling the truth, the blade will glow a bright white color.

Once the blood is cleaned from the blade, the knife, which looks like a small dagger, will no longer detect the last person's truthfulness.

This knife is used by those referred to as "Lord High Executioner" in my game world in the land of Rarshan. The LHE will conduct interviews with suspects and cut them lightly, then stick the knife into the desktop so everyone can see the results of the blade. The blade is never wrong.

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