Saturday, June 28, 2014

Getting Back In The Game

It's been awhile.  Due to some rainy days recently, the bee activity has slowed down for me and we are going to play a game this weekend.

It's just the two of us, my son and I, but that's OK, we have enough imagination between us for at least 6 people.

Just for chits and giggles, we decided to run a quick game that is fairly random at heart.

Using 4d6, lose the lowest die, in a row to generate stats, then determine class then determine class randomly based on stats and choosing race, etc.. randomly as well, we are building a small but capable party.  The only thing not random is that all new characters will be 8th level.

Using a random adventure generator I made up, I determined that this is a quest.

Here's the set up...

Thor's hammer Mjolnir has been stolen somehow by Jormungadr the serpent and hidden in a far off temple in a land called Paludem.  There, a group of special Lizard Men keep guard over the hammer.

To start things off, Tyr, the god of Law and War has sent a Valkrye to Norland, a land in the North of Terra Ursa where my gaming takes place.  The Valkrye is a messenger form Tyr to a chosen hero from the people of Norland who are followers of the Norse deities.

The Chosen One in this case is the Captain of the  Courthouse Guard which is specifically dedicated to Tyr and his guidance.  Duri, the dwarf is told to assemble a team of heroes to take with him to find and retrieve the great hammer of Thor.  He must return it to the Great Temple of Tyr back in Norland so that Tyr can return it to Thor who has somehow become unable to travel himself to this Plane due to Jormungadr's malicious plan.

If Duri can find, retrieve and return the hammer before Thor is permanently harmed, Tyr can help Thor to defeat the plot and be returned to health and power.  If not, Thor may not succeed and Jormungadr may finally succeed in causing Ragnarok to start prematurely.  The team has 90 days (game time) to return the hammer.

The team will be made up of our newly created PC's who will assist Duri in his task.  They do not know where the hammer is hidden but will come upon clues and even some help if they work things right.  If so, they will eventually travel far to the South to Paludem to the Temple of Set (who is collaborating with Jormungadr) and steal or fight their way through hundreds of Lizard Men and many To Be Determined enemies that have been assigned the task of securing and protecting the hammer from Thor and his allies.

Can this team get it done and save the world in time?  We shall soon see.

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