Saturday, July 19, 2014

Healing another way

I've been tossing around another way to handling healing in the game.  we've played it a bit and it seems to work pretty well and folks are liking it.

The idea goes this way...

When being healed by a Cleric or another person, they have a base chance to automatically give maximum hit points from the spell.  I've been using a 10% chance of auto max hit points restored.  However, for each level of the healer, there is a 3% bonus applied to the base chance.

The way I work it is like this.  Using percentile dice, the Cleric or Druid or whoever has to roll a 90 or better to get auto max HP restored per the spell.  For each level of the Cleric, for example, say 1 4th level Cleric, they gain a bonus of 3%/level for a total bonus of an additional 12% applied to the base.

This means that the 4th level cleric can roll a 78 or higher to give auto max HP.

For use of a wand, staff, scroll, etc... the spell is cast as a given level spell caster and thus has the bonus applicable to that level.  If the spell caster rolls less than the required number, then random rolling on the applicable die as usual is the result.

When it comes to healing by resting, I am using a percentage based on range of HP lost in the 24 hours previous as an indication of severity of the damage.  For example, A fighter with say, 50 HP total loses 50% of their HP in a battle within the 24 hours before rest.  That means they lost 25 HP and are at 25 HP left.  Normally, using a base of 10% again or rolling a 90 or above, the fighter can auto max potential HP to be gained from rest.

However, in the situation of having lost 25 to 50 percent of their total HP, that gives them a 3% penalty for auto max healing during rest.  this means that for 1-25% they lose 3% and for 25 to 50 they lost another 3% meaning we subtract a total of 6% from the original 10% base chance.  That Fighter now must roll a 96 or higher to get an auto max HP restore per die   Anything below a 96 means they have to roll randlomly as usual and take what they get.

It might seem more complicated written all out here but in reality it's actually pretty simple and adds some extra excitement to the game, at least, we think so.

Try it, let me know if it works for you.

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