Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Metaphor For Life? Maybe a little

We began playing a module from DragaonsFoot called, "Halls of Chaos" just yesterday.  It's one of those rare times that I play a published module rather than just write my own.  I like this one a lot so far.  Lots of common elements and style.

Go to town, posse up, gear up, go get the bad guys, get the loot.

I experienced a realization though during the game that made everything come to a sudden stop.  My son still hasn't learned how to strategize in-game yet.  When we first started playing, my oldest daughter, my son and I were playing, I as the DM.

As I look back on things though,  my daughter always took the leadership of the party though.  My son became more of a responsive player.  Now my daughter has "fallen out" with AD&D but my son still maintains an interest.  So I am running games for him and toss in a few NPC's to help him fill party number requirements.

Yesterday however, after watching him totally disregard his ranger's, acting as a scout, advice about concerns with something in the road, I think I figured out what's wrong.

He's still being a reactive player and not thinking like a leader.  He's not pro-active and he doesn't plan or strategize utilizing the resources, both people and weapons he has at hand.

So, I put the game down and started discussing the resources he had available to him.  What characters were there, what were their specialties, their strengths, etc...Next we looked at other resources available such as weapons and magic items, etc...

I think I finally started getting him to see that it was up to him as the leader of the pack, so to speak, to plan, assign tasks and duties, strategize and organize.

We'll see how it goes from here.

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