Monday, November 30, 2015

Welcome to Croc Island that isn't really an island

I am getting back to gaming as the bee's are settled for winter now.

In my world  I have created a new land called Croc Island which is more a sub-continent than an island. 

It spans 1,000 by 1,600 miles in the Blue Ocean.

It has a mountain range, forests, plains and desert.

It's called Croc Island because the mountain range, known as the Powder Mountains, seem to curve around the Eastern edge of the land in a vague resemblance to a crocodile.

The Dwarves, Elves and Humans have lived peacefully and prosperously for centuries under treaties that have built a lasting relationship among them.

Dwarves live below the mountains, Elves live in the North and south forests and Humans dominate the valley an plains that stretch from the mountains,  bisect the forest and fan out to the desert on the western third of the land.

Other creatures live there as well.  Croc Island has lizardmen, stone giants, dragons and others on the mountains.

The Elves tolerate a certain portion of the southern forest to be inhabited by certain fey creatures.

A wide variety of animals and plants live all over.

The western desert is the least explored and inhabited area and no one is really sure what, if anything, lives there.

I will tell stories of Croc Island to give a broader knowledge to DM's who are welcome to use it in your adventures if you so choose.

If you do choose to play in Croc Island,  I would love to hear about it.

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