Saturday, June 22, 2013

It Doesn't Take Much Time To Build Up Rust

It's interesting to note that my kids/Players have allowed themselves to build up some rust on their playing skills so quickly.

We started a dungeon crawl today in the Middle Earth campaign (to bide me some time until I can write up a new adventure).

They were into the crawl, they really wanted to play.  The past Month or so has been spent on Gladiator Games in the other campaign so this is a nice return for them to Middle Earth. (I added some bit of story surrounding the dungeon to blend it in with the other activities in the campaign so far.)

They started out by rushing in, doing a quick peek around then running off into the next rooms.  They had simple confrontations with a few orcs and a couple giant frogs so far, but it wasn't until they hit the fourth room that it occurred to them to slow down and start really checking out the rooms for secret and hidden stuff.

I have noticed that they are paying more attention to the more mundane items, especially those with Clerics and Magic Users so that now they are wanting to keep things like special colored candles or items they can use as material components in spells, etc...  Where even maybe six months ago, they really weren't paying attention to that stuff and found themselves getting burned because of it later.

The devil is in the details.

So, while it kind of surprised me that they did have any rust to knock off, they did catch themselves in pretty short time and are now back into adventurer/explorer mode again as opposed to Gladiator mode.

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