Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Illusionist

I sat back recently to think more about the AD&D Illusionist.Perhaps it's because  Ihave an unhealthy appreciation for horror stories and flicks that  Imaintain a very dark and devious image of an Illusionist.

To me, I see Illusionists as a Magic User dealing in shadows and deception.  Even more so, someone who strives to inflict terror and outright, abject horror from those around them.

The Illusionist plays on fears and uncertainties people hold.   I don't think an Illusionist is necessarily of Evil alignment, but one "properly" played is at best Neutral or Evil in that they intend or don't care if those affected have a negative experience.

Taking this to an obvious endpoint, an illusion is a lie.  Even if it's an illusion of a "Good" thing, it's a lie, it's not real. 

Now all of this is not to say that I don't like Illusionists.   I love them actually.  It allows me to air out my devious streak once in awhile role playing an Illusionist.

In creating an Illusionist character,  I find that they must have great eye-hand coordination and must be intelligent, educated and creative to be successful as an Illusionist.  Class requirements for intelligence are a minimum of 15, dexterity at 16.

I say an Illusionist must be well educated because in order to create a convincing illusion, one should have a very good understanding of what it is they are re-creating which means the better they know the source, the better the illusion.

One could almost say there should be a requirement for a high wisdom score as well ensuring that an Illusionist has a very good sense of what "moves" people, what makes them "bite".   I don't add that as a requirement because while it is a trademark of a good or great Illusionist, not every Illusionist is going to be good or great.  Some are just mediocre wannabe's.

I would also suggest that charisma should be desired to be at bout 13 or better which I think ties into the creativeness required for the class, but that's just me. 

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  1. Excellent point... I also think that a high wisdom matches with the class!

    But with 3d6 (or 4d6) to create character, it`s too complicated 3 or 4 high values (>15)...

    But it was an awesome point of view!