Sunday, September 1, 2013

HMH - Herschel's Monster Hunters

Well, the new campaign is off and running.  The first game is underway.  The PC's have all been trained, armed and prepped as well as they could be.

There is no mercy.  They are going in, looking for trouble hoping to hit huge bounties, treasures and more.  They can expect to die on any given mission.  TPK?  Oh yes, there can be TPK.

As usual,  I do a lot of game creation on the fly.  Make it up as I go along.  They ask questions and they get answers.  (again, I usually make those answers up on the spot)  if they don't ask questions, they are leaving themselves in more danger than they need to be.   That's what you get when you don't take your wits with you on a monster hunt.  No pity, no mercy.

This is a guts and glory kind of game.  Play big, live big, win big, die spectacularly.  In many cases, they will have to pull miracles out of their rear ends.  If they want to win that is.

So far in this first game, they have a team of five.  Four PC's and one henchman, that have been called in to rescue a village from a nightmare.  it seems that a pack of Wargs, evil wolves as big as cattle, have been sent by an unknown spellcaster to prey on the small village.

That's what the party knows so far anyway.  I hate to tell them that's only the half of the situation, but they'll find out soon enough.  The Players had to break actually just before they take on the Wargs, so this should be interesting.

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