Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sword 2 of the 7 Swords

The Frievald Sword

Sir Frievald, a well known vampire hunting Paladin from just over a hundred years ago, saved the life of an Elf Lord from an unusual collaboration of a powerful Necromancer and a very old and powerful vampire.  In gratitude for Sir Frievald's intervention, the Elf Lord commissioned a special sword made to aid the powerful paladin in his life's mission to fight the undead in any form but especially vampires. While no one in his family after his death can properly wield the sword as it is meant for the hands of Good aligned Paladins only, they have kept it in a treasured, special room in his honor.  The sword had been stolen by an evil Necromancer about thirty years ago.  It has never been recovered.

It communicates with the wielder using high empathy and can only be wielded by Good aligned Paladins.
  • It is a +2 sword against most foes but against the Evil aligned it is +4. 
  • It can automatically cast "Detect Evil" while worn and will inform the wielder empathically by causing the wielder to feel a heightened sense of caution. 
  • It casts Dispel Evil when the wielder holds the pommel in hand but does not need to draw it. The wielder must speak the “Command of Banishment” as appropriate to their Order. 
  • It is made of Mithril and imbued with silver and Holy Water was used in it’s forging. 
  • It’s most special ability is that it has the potential to Turn undead.  The sword “Turns” as a level 14 Cleric.

The sword can turn merely by being drawn in the presence of undead but must actually make contact with the enemy in order to have the Destruction effect.

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