Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Freedom of the Game

One of the things I love about AD&D and OSRIC in general is that it is such an open platform.  Much like the Pirates Code in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" they are more like guidelines rather than rules.

In the spirit of homebrewing and the social nature of the game, I can share how I interpret the game and customize it to work best for my own creative inklings and to put it together in a way that is a fun and rewarding experience for the players.

The next DM will see, interpret and handle things differently as to what works best for them and their game.  At the same time, there is enough common ground that it is still essentially the same game to each of us.

When I post my homebrewings here, it is only because I am excited and enthusiastic about my game and I'd like to share what I think works great and what I've done to address things I see as not working so well.  I'm not here to tell everyone else that they are "doing it wrong" or that there must be some strict uniformity that everyone must abide by.

That would totally defy the spirit of the game.

I don't argue about the game with others because on one hand, I don't really care how other people run their games.  It's their game, they can run it how they want.  I will play at their table or I won't.  Consequently I am not here to convince anyone of anything in terms of changing or adopting something different from how they already see or do things.

I'm just sharing how I see it, why I see it that way and what I do to address it.  If you like it and want to use it, cool, awesome, great.  Knock yourself out and have fun with it.

Because no matter if the DM at the next table and I agree or see eye to eye on game mechanics or issues or not, the game will go on.  The game is bigger than any one DM or group of DM's.

That my friend's is just awesome.  It's an awesome sundae covered in awesome sauce topped with an awesome cherry.  It's that awesome.

So come and read, share my enthusiasm, borrow what you will freely.  But don't come here to argue with me because I am not here to argue.  I will explain why I see it the way I do but that's more for the sake of discussion.  I don't care if you take it up, agree, ignore it or disagree.

It's a game for everyone and there's room for everyone to make it their own game.  To me, that's what makes it the best game in the world.

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