Sunday, May 5, 2013

A turtle without a shell

While creating the Robes of Sumlaude,  I got to thinking about newly created PC's just starting out.

Are they really meant to be monster bait and die off without a real chance?  Magic Users fall squarely into that category.  No armor to start with, only a d4 to roll for Hit Points.

Now, I'm not completely against new PC's being easy to whack.  That's part of the reasonable risk of just embarking on a new career as an adventurer.  However, I don't think they should just be thrown to the wolves so easily either.

I mean, at least in my game, PC's are the cream of the crop. These are people who have made it through grueling training, met extremely high demands and demonstrated a natural ability that exceeds the average person just to get where they are.

No, I like to give them what I think of as a fair shot just starting out.  I'm not talking about arming them with a nuclear arsenal, but give them something that gives them a little bit better chance of survival than a turtle out of it's shell.

Thinking of it this way, I am coming up with a line of items that newly created PC's can venture out for at the direction of their master as a last demonstration of skill and ability to prove themselves worthy proteges.

Most of these items are defensive in nature, again, mindful of giving the turtle some bit of shell.  That and/or giving them utilities that will aid them on their upcoming adventures in the world out on their own.

These are things that maybe, if the PC's survive long enough and manage to keep hold of, they can pass on to their own apprentices and trainees in the future.

So, I'm starting with the Robes of Sumlaude for beginning MU's.  I'll think of things that can be specific to other classes and perhaps any class in the future.  As I list them here and you happen to find any of them useful or interesting, please feel free to use them.  That's the point of "Open Source Game Mastering".  I know that I personally would find it extremely cool to hear of others out there using the things I come up with in their own games.  Talk about the ultimate compliment.

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