Sunday, May 5, 2013

Homebrew Enchanted Items: Robes of Sumlaude

These are robes that must be earned by a newly graduated MU sent off by their master as one last task to "prove" themselves.

They are sent to find Robes of Sumlaude. Where ever it is the new MU is sent to find the robe, there is a 1 in 6 chance of finding it (or per DM choice).

Ideally, it would only appear to one who passed some test of skill or demonstrated ability.

Robes of Sumlaude will give the wearer a bonus to their AC based on a d6.

Primary feature
1- +1
2- +1
3- +2
4- +3
5- +1
6- +2 bonus plus chance for added feature

added features
1- none
2-invisibilty to wearer
3- +1 to all saving throws
4- Pocket(s) of holding, like bag of holding only smaller. 1d6 # of pockets.
5- Aura of Beguiling (like casting a charm spell on those around him/her (saving throw applies as per spell)
6- any two features

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