Monday, May 6, 2013

Homebrew Enchanted Items: Cloak of Benevida

The Cloak of Benevida is one several made by the acolytes of Benevida. It is their mission in life to aid those whose life is committed to serving their deity and thus their people as well.

A Cloak of Benevida allows the wearer to up to double the amount of HP healed in conjunction with a cure spell or it can heal up to 8 HP on it's own with the correct benediction spoken.

 The Cloaks can also, with the correct prayer spoken, hasten a person who is covered with it and is mortally wounded into a peaceful, painless state in which they will pass away quietly within 1 to 4 turns.

One of these cloaks can only be obtained at a Temple of Benevida and will only work if given freely by the Temple priestesses who will give the Cleric in question the appropriate benediction and phrase that will will work for that Clerics deity.

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