Thursday, July 4, 2013

When you play 1E, play 1E, not some other edition

I'll admit it, one of the things that annoys me the most is people who visit a First Edition AD&D forum, chatroom, etc.. and start talking about or making comparisons to another edition.

Save that stuff and nonsense for a general AD&D discussion room or one made for contrast/comparison of editions.

If there is something in 1E that you don't like, houserule it, it's simple.  No need to drag in other editions to see what they changed, eliminated or did differently.  If someone asks a question about how a rule works or doesn't work in 1E, then discuss it as it relates to 1E.  We don't care how 2E or 3E or any other edition does it, we are talking about 1E.

Nothing ticks me off faster than visiting a place dedicated to my personal favorite edition, 1E, then seeing tons of jabber about other editions.  It's a guarantee that I won't be visiting that place again.

I like DragonsFoot Forums a lot.  One of my favorite AD&D places on the internet.  I'll be damned though if lately in the 1E section, people are bringing up later editions more and more.  No one cares.  If we wanted to talk about those other editions, we wouldn't be in an edition specific section.

On the other hand, there is an AD&D community in Google Plus called simply "AD&D".  There is a lot of chatter in there, mostly about 2E, about various editions.   I am OK with this, I expect it because it isn't edition specific. Though  I admittedly don't post in there nearly as often as I do in the 1E specific community,  I still will visit there and look through the posts until I find something  I am interested in.

My point is, have some respect for the topic of where you are.  if it's edition specific, then don't post about other editions.  Plain and simple.  If it's a question or post comparing two or more editions, post in in a generic area or section.  For crying out loud, don't go to an edition specific area only to be snarky and comment how much you dislike the edition being discussed and try to talk up your favorite edition.  Get the heck out of there and quit being so dang rude.


  1. You are right on this. Also, I think something should be added: it also hold true of bloggers. I've seen a lot of 1E edition bloggers write that this or that version went wrong about some element... but without getting their facts right about those other editions

  2. this is true. the closest I'll ever get to saying anything like that is that "I heard this" or "I read about that", "and if that is the case then my opinion is..."

    Because I will freely admit, I have never so much as picked up a 2nd or later edition book. My interest or lack of interest in those later editions is not so much that i"don't like" them I just have never felt any compelling reason to go beyond 1E as it seems to be everything I need and/or want in a game system. I use OSRIC a lot, but I have always been of the opinion that OSRIC is pretty much "open source" 1E, so is essentially the same thing.