Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Raise Dead and Resurrection spells

I really am torn on the two spells an how they are used BtB.  Essentially, they do the same thing at their core, with some differences such as how long the character has been dead, how healthy the character is after the spell, etc...

I envision a 5th level Raise Dead spell as being more along the lines of a spell that makes a dead creature a semblance of life, but not really alive.  You want to talk to a sage or a witness to an event who is dead?  Cast Raise Dead on it.  It's a temporary condition that gives you access to the dead's memories.  Think Jonah Hex when it comes to "Raise Dead.

A target of a Raise Dead spell can communicate, if able to as if they were alive, they can relate everything they ever remembered as it is more like a computer pulling data up instead of a live person "remembering".  They can walk and move as if they were alive, if they are able to, as well.

Want to bring a PC back to true life?  That calls for the Resurrection spell.  At least, that's the way it seems to me.

Having said all that,  I do understand why they put a Raise Dead as it is written in the game, so as to pacify Players who had a favored PC die or get killed.

But to me, this essentially turns a PC into a video game character.  You get x number of lives to get through the game.

Obviously, as a DM it's your choice to allow Raise Dead as you choose.  For me however, all it really seems to do is encourage bad role-playing and poor decision making on the Players part.

I run games that reward skillful play.   I save Resurrection for situations like PC that died doing something heroic or that have been playing skillfully and have the potential to greatly contribute to the mission, etc...

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