Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Where's the imagination?

It's good to be able to interact with other people involved in AD&D 1E or any other game or hobby.  To be able to find out how others do something or how they understand or carry out something.  It can inspire you.  It can maybe keep you from going the wrong way.

Sometimes though,  I admit to being puzzled as to why someone is even bothering to play a fantasy game at all when everything they present is so lethally boring and unimaginative.

They don't allow much, if any, magic in the game.  They don't like heroic or beyond normal abilities.  Seemingly everything must adhere to reality, despite being a fantasy game.

I admit,  I don't get it.

Speaking for myself,  I let the game be what it is.  It has magic in it, so I let there be magic.  There are fantastic creatures like talking, fire breathing dragons, so I let there be dragons.  There are super human abilities, so,  I let them be super if that's the way the dice roll.

I write game adventures that I think are fun and challenging.  I know who the Players are in my game, so I frequently toss in things I know they will think is fun and challenging.   I am the DM, I know the characters they create, the abilities they have.  I know what the potential for a PC can be if they make new ones up.   I create games around that knowledge.

There are already plenty of limitations just in the game rules , especially if you go specifically by the book. Most DM's  I know, find those limitations "too limiting" and houserule to open things up a bit more, not make them more constrictive.

 I know,  I know,  every DM runs the game in his or her own way.  Sometimes I just don't get the point of playing a game that is as dull, if not more dull, than real life.

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