Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tom Bombadil is a Halfling Druid Demi-God

The kids have been wanting an adventure in our Middle Earth campaign in which they bump into Tom Bombadil.

In trying to stat old Tom, I sat here trying to figure out what he really is.  He is betrothed, if not actually married to a water nymph or sprite or some such.  He exerts a tremendous influence over the living things in the forest and Barrows regardless of their alignment.

He is largely unaffected by other great magics such as the One Ring where even the greatest magic wielders of the times felt it's influence.

For me, he is obviously not only a Druid type, but one exceedingly more powerful than a typical Druid. He is alluded to as being hobbit-like but a very singular being all the same.  This, to me, indicates perhaps not being a "full blown" deity, but more on a demi-god level like a Hercules, etc...

Based on these observations,  I have decided to enter Tom into the game as a Halfling Druid Demi-god.  He is pretty much only accessible to characters by going to him in his woods and he seldom leaves there, if at all anymore.  He is most certainly one to give gifts of magical nature to those, especially Halflings, who show courage in the face of unknown and dangerous paths.

You can see how I statted him out if you follow this link to Wiki-Mage.

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