Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Crits and Craps


"Crits" are Critical Hits. Crits are what happens when a Player rolls a natural 20 on a 20 sided dice. This is as opposed to rolling a 20 that includes added bonuses for strength or such.

"Craps", well, that's what happens when you roll a natural 1 on the d20. You essentially just shot craps.

I like to do things randomly. It's a lot of fun making things up as you go along. Rolling dice helps create that random-ness.

It's not every time you roll a d20 that a 20 or a 1 shows up. That's a special event. Why not allow some extra fun for such a thing coming up?

Below are tables for when Crits and Craps are rolled on the "To Hit" roll.


Rolled on 1d6
  1. Dis-arm/stun opponent
  2. Knock out opponent
  3. Inflict double damage to opponent
  4. Inflict triple damage to opponent
  5. Severe limb of opponent
  6. Kill opponent up to same level as PC, lethally wound opponent up to 2 levels above PC (takes them down to 1d4 HP)


Rolled on 1d6
  1. Weapon stuck / snared / dropped. Requires 1d3 round to retrieve or let it go.
  2. Weapon must make a save vs. crushing blow or it is broken.
  3. Hit Ally - roll damage and deal that amount to a random ally within 10 feet; if there are no allies in that distance, ignore this result.
  4. Minor damage to self -twisted joint, pulled muscle, charlie horse, etc... lose 1 round. 1d4 damage
  5. Full damage to self - roll full damage per weapon type
  6. Lethal hit to self, drop to 0 HP, bleeding out 1 HP/round until healed, bandaged or until -10/Dead.

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