Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wizardawn, Chock Full Of Good Stuff

I've been experimenting with online generators and tools for a bit now.  so far, Wizardawn is at the top of my list.

What do I like so much about it?  Their OSRIC section.  It contains three specific  generators that can be of varying assistance.  The one I use the most is the "Adventurers Guild".  This is a great generator for having a variety of Henchman or SPC's (Secondary Player Characters) that are added to a party to beef them up for an adventure.

I have one group with only two Players who are most comfortable role-playing one PC each, this leaves them short adventurers and unable to really explore a lot of adventure's out there (if I feel lazy and just want to use a published module instead of writing one myself).

By adding Henchmen or SPC's to the party, they can build a full party yet only have to actively role-play their Active PC (APC)

Just for the record, in my game, Henchman are played mostly BtB as Henchman who only get a lower negotiated percentage of treasure/reward and lower XP.  An SPC is pretty much handled as a Henchman, but is able to get a full share of treasure and XP. 

Also, Henchman are introduced as working for the APC somehow and are subordinate in some way to them.  SPC's are full fledged PC's from the start, just not handled as an Active Player Character which is being role-played by a Player.

If a Player has their APC (Active Player Character) die in the middle of the action, they can make a Henchman or an SPC their new APC.

Getting all that out of the way, the "Adventurers Guild" generator at Wzardawn gets you what you need to churn out one or more Ready To Use characters.  They also have "Settlements" and "Spells" ggenerators under the OSRIC headline.

The "Settlements" generator helps you to get a town or "keep" area detailed and populated on the fly.  While there is no map created for this, it provides all the details in clear text for you to describe to players.

The "spells" generator will allow you to print out a spell-book on the fly based on spells found in the OSRIC manual.  You can have a random spell-book printed out or you can select all of the spells yourself that the spell-book will contain and have it printed out with all the details in clear text.

This is good for giving a newly created character their starting spell(s) or printing out your current spell user's most updated spell-book nice and neat.

One of the other generators I think is really cool is the "Dungeon Door".  This gives you a choice of three common gaming systems, OSRIC being one of them, and creates a series of tables to roll on regarding monster encounters, treasure, magic items likely to be found, and all kinds of other stuff.  You can get a map of a keep or a room or just about anywhere and in just a few rolls, populate it.   You can just as easily keep the printed sheet out and roll on the spot without having anything pre-planned.

Make it up as you go which is also very fun to do and this generator helps you keep the encounters and finds relative to the party's level.

You should bookmark this website and donate to them if you have the money and opportunity.  this is one of the best gaming resources online in my opinion.

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