Saturday, March 23, 2013

A New Fighter Sub-Class For Our Game

My son being an almost newly-minted 12 year old and hopeless Marvel Comics addict as well as AD&D 1E junkie has expressed a desire to bring Captain America into the game.

To this end,  I have introduced to our game a new sub-class of Fighter called, wait for it....wait for it...Yes, "The Avenger"! Dun Dun Dun!!!!

An Avenger is a Good aligned character who is specially trained by a secret group hidden away in a place called "The Halls of Thunder" and is known as a group by the name of, yes, you guessed it, "The Avengers".

The "Avenger" sub class requires at least a 16 Strength and a 16 Dexterity as it is a very athletic /acrobatic /gymnastic oriented type of character.  They specialize in close combat and penetrating front lines in order to attack from within .

They are specially trained to use a shield offensively as well as defensively.  As the Avenger advances in levels, they gain new skills at key levels as well as bonuses for gained experience.  Avengers never gain magical abilities like Paladins or Rangers though.

However, much as the Paladin can call for a specialized warhorse at 4th level, the Avenger can make a journey to the Halls of Thunder and after passing a series of tests to prove character and ability, are able to acquire a uniquely designed shield made of Mithril that is both very durable yet very light and is able to be used as a hurled weapon by an Avenger.

The shield itself is a +2 shield and is specifically designed for the individual and the Avenger must be present for the entire 7 days it takes to make the shield to assist in it's "fitting" as it is made for them.

While Avengers do not gain magical abilities, at level 6 they begin to gain bonuses for experience related level gains that add +1 to hit and to damage to their ability to hurl the shield as a weapon.  They also gain a +1 bonus to their overall AC while in possession of the shield.  These bonuses accumulate until they reach +4 at about 15th level.

Avengers are limited to short, hand held and hurled weapons.  They are not able to use any type of sword other than a short sword without a penalty.  They are able to throw a lance, spear or similar weapon as long as it is hurled but not used to parry or otherwise similar to fighting with it.  Doing so will result in a -2 penalty as they use it in such a manner.  Avengers can use bows and arrows and staves IF they have stowed their shield as a backpack or are not carrying the shield.

Keep in mind, this sub class is oriented to using their shield as their primary weapon.

Basically, The Avenger sub-class is somewhat similar to a paladin in that they serve a "higher purpose" as a member of the mysterious "Avengers" group.  Should an Avenger willingly engage in "Evil" behavior, the DM may determine that they are "suspended" from the group and are no longer entitled to possession of the special shield or the protections of the Halls of Thunder unless the Avenger in questions works to make honest amends.

A full 75% of all treasure accumulated by an Avenger is turned over similar to a "tithe" to the Halls of Thunder.

Other abilities of an Avenger are moving as a Assassin able to perform thief abilities such as picking locks an, hiding in shadows, etc...beginning at 3rd level as a 1st level Thief. (always performing Thief functions as two levels lower).

This is what he and I have put together so far anyway.  We will continue to flesh out this "Avenger" and let you all know how it plays out.  He is very excited to test play one of these.

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