Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Laugh Or Cry

Sometimes, all I can do when I read certain posts is shake my head and laugh.  it's better than getting upset because no amount of anger or sadness will make a dent.

I'm sure a lot of you folks out there have seen this before.  The hard core, do it all by the book gamer who insists that everyone must play every game, regardless of "home" game or tournament style, exactly as it is written in the core books.

I've said before and I think it bears repeating,  I am all for sticking to BtB play in any kind of situation that players must move from one DM to another.    It keeps the game consistent.

Having said that, at each individual DM's game table, the "rules" become guidelines and the DM and his group can interpret and diverge as they see fit.  If it makes their game better, by golly, go on wit yo bad selves.

And yet...and yet.  There are those who will persist in trying  to tell everyone how to play their own game.  To them, it doesn't "make sense" to change certain rules or expand them or replace them wholesale if it takes you away from the book.

However in the book itself (specifically the Dungeon Master's Guide) good old E.G.G.  (Gary Gygax) has written in plain English in the Foreward and in the introduction that the game is the most important thing, not simulating reality.  if something isn't working in the game you have put together, then do what you have to to make it the best game you can.  He even gives the example of hand-waving random monster checks if it leaves PC's to badly off to face the planned obstacles.

Yes, he advises DM's to stick near to the book wherever possible as it allows players to maintain the AD&D "Experience" and too much divergence will become something else.   This makes sense, without a doubt, almost without saying really.

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