Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Age of Men: Road to the Tower

Well, this is the second adventure on the "Age of Men" Middle Earth campaign I am running for my kids.  They are just getting the adventure underway and the party is comprised of two 2nd level Rangers, one 2nd level fighter, a first level cleric and a 3rd level magic user (NPC).

They stopped in a little town about a day's travel South of Bree and were able to talk to some locals to get some clues and pickup some gear.  one of the PC's was able to purchase a +1 longsword and another somehow managed to obtain a pair of Gauntlets of Ogre Strength.

After leaving the town late in the day, the party traveled on for about another 4 hours, till about 8 pm and decided to investigate an abandoned looking farmhouse.  They had heard a rumor in the town that somewhere nearby was a "haunted farmhouse in which the family had all been killed by "something.

They investigate the farmhouse and realize that, yes, this is the house they had heard of in the stories.  They decide to go as a group to check out the upstairs level.  in the second room they check, they encounter a wraith.  Only the one Ranger has an enchanted sword and after 2 rounds of melee, the members all realize that the creature they suspect is a wraith, based on the party's dwarf cleric of Thor remembering from his days as a novitiate.

The fighter is wearing the gauntlets and throws a punch at the creature.  Being magical, they do make contact and cause some damage, but by making contact, the fighter experiences a drain on her life force suddenly.  The members of the party flee the room leaving the ranger with the enchanted sword to do battle.

The wraith is able to strike the ranger 3 more times before the Ranger finally does enough damage with the enchanted sword to kill it.

(in my games,  I do not have undead cause life force drain by dropping levels.  instead, contact by undead results in loss of 2 points from Constitution score.  if Constitution score is brought to 4 or less, the PC dies and becomes one of the type of undead that killed it.  otherwise, if not killed, PC's gain 1 point of Constitution per week until fully restored.)

After the battle, the party finishes searching the house with nothing else to be found.  They establish a camp in the house and toss old furniture and wood items into the fireplace to settle in for the night.

This was my players first time fighting a wraith and they really, really don't like losing those Constitution points by undead contact.  They are going to think twice before just going up against something that looks like this in the future.

Finally, Finally, they are learning to work together and strategize as a team instead of just arguing and mocking each others ideas.  (typical brother and sister) It's been  lot of fun over the last game and into this one watching them be more careful in their approaches and getting into the roleplaying of each PC so far

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