Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bram Stoker would want you to have this

A "Band of Stoker" is an armband worn by an adventurer and when attacked by undead, for each attack that would normally drain life force/level, the band absorbs the evil. Each band starts as gold colored. After the first attack absorbed, it changes to silver color. After the second attack absorbed, it changes to copper color at the third attack it absorbs, it changes to a dull lead grey color and is no longer able to absorb the evil attacks.

The band can be restored to the next highest level it started as. so at first restoration, it can be made silver. at second restore, it can be made copper. After that, no more restoration of that band.

Restoration must be done by a cleric of 7th level or higher. Band must have "Exorcism" spell cast upon it then "Bless" spell once for each level of restoration.

The armband also adds a penalty to hit to the undead attacking of -1 for each of the "Bless" spells cast upon it. so, a new band would have a penalty of -3 at Gold. At Silver, -2. At Copper, -1.

Occurrence: Rare.

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