Sunday, November 24, 2013

Faldril's Enchanted Weapons

Faldril was a Blacksmith of superior ability. His weapons were the gleam in any fighting man's eye. One thing that Faldril wanted to make most was magic weapons so that he could take his craft to what he felt was the "next level". His deity, Qrandril The Steel-eyed, took notice one day of Faldril's workmanship when the great smith made a war hammer of such high quality that he held it high over his head and dedicated the weapon to Qrandril himself.

Impressed with the incredible worksmanship and the way that Faldril gave credit for his talent and skill to the deity so readily, Qrandril saw the blacksmith's wish in his heart and beginning with that hammer, granted the ability to enchant every weapon of similar quality with a special enchantment.
The sign of Qrandril's enchantment on one of the weapons was made known by the weapon being illuminated with a dim silvery light emanting from it

Beginning with the first war hammer and subsequent weapons, Faldril's Highest quality weapons carry these abilities.:

Each weapon has a +2 bonus To Hit and To Damage.

On a roll of a natural 20, the weapon releases a concussive blast doing 3d10 damage to the target and pending a save vs magic, 1d10 damage to all foes within 10' of the target.

On a roll of 5 over the minimum required To Hit roll on a d20, the weapon will do typical damage of the War Hammer, with an extra bonus of +2

If a natural 1 on a d20 To Hit roll results, the damage called for (if craps are used) is only half of damage rolled.

Faldril, over his lifetime, made 1d10 enchanted War Hammers, 1d10 enchanted Swords and 1d10 enchanted Battle Axes.

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