Sunday, November 3, 2013

new adventures

Holy Moly, it's been a day or two since I've posted here.

I've been kind of busy lately, haven't even had a lot of time for the games this last month.

Things are settling down for the Fall/Winter though so I will be getting back at it again, at least somewhat more.

I have been having a lot of fun with the Monster Hunters campaign and over the past couple of games, i have sort of developed an arch-enemys plot between Herschel, the founder of the Monster Hunters and Farvan Zu'ul, a chaotic-Evil Cleric set on bringing the world to it's knees and has gotten Herschel in his line of sight as his greatest adversary in accomplishing that.

Farvan is now at the point where he will be able to accomplish some really nasty and powerful things as he quests for specific items of power from his deity which will help him achieve his goal.

He is encountering Herschel's teams more frequently and though they come close, they are always a few steps behind him.  As Herschel's team gets closer, Farvan Zu'ul gets more confident.  He is leaving taunting messages for Herschel.

Though Herschel is a tough and talented fighter, his greatest strength is in recruiting and training talented PC's and putting teams together that will complement each member of that team.  He has a real eye for leadership that has gotten him over many a seemingly unstoppable obstacle.  Will his hand picked teams be able to help him stop Farvan Zu'ul before it is too late?

I like to write adventures as DM neutral, meaning that I just try to write a good game and may the best PC/Player win.  The real fun in it for me is to put together a good story in which the Players can piece together evidence and resources and succeed in dangerous places, on dangerous missions against dangerous adversaries.

For the detectives among them, I like to place clues and details that will catch their attention and be put to use.  for the brawlers, I like to pit them against adversaries that challenge not only their fighting abilities, but their tactical skills as well.

As my kids, who are the Players in my games, have become better Players,  I am forced to write better adventures.   I like the challenge.  This is how I have fun, aside from playing with bees that is.

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