Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dendrik's Shields

Dendrik was a dwarven armorer and Magic User of some limited, specific ability. He found a way to imbue a +2 shield with a 10' protection spell.

For every 2 Hit Points of damage taken by the shield/circle of protection, 1 charge is removed from the shield. Each shield had 1d20 charges to it and once the charges are reduced to zero, it operates as a normal +2 shield. The shield can be recharged by a Magic User.

 To use the shield with the prot. power, the command word must be spoken (Dwarven word for "Dendrik Protect Us")when raising the shield. As long as the shield is raised and the words are spoken, the protection will hold. If the shield is removed, or the command to cease protection is spoken ("We are safe" in dwarvish.) the protection will cease.

Anyone within 10' of the shield bearer will be protected from all physical attacks including hand, weapon or missile attacks. Breath weapons such as dragonfire breathing are blocked as well.

Only 1d6 of these shields are rumored to exist.

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