Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gladiator Games Just Got More Interesting

Friends, Countrymen, the great Caesar, Brutus Darkhorse, has decreed that the Gladiator Games in the country's arenas will take on a new aspect for future games.

Within each arena will be built a variety of mazes, constructed of materials which can be seen through by the spectators but not by the Gladiators.

Gladiators must successfully navigate and exit the maze, defeating any opponents, be they monsters or other Gladiators in order for the Caesar to declare them as the winner.

Each maze, based on it's complexity, will be assigned a value and corresponding Gold Pieces will be awarded. (Gladiators will earn the same # of XP as GP awarded as well as XP for each monster or opponent they defeat in the maze.)

If the Gladiators do not successfully exit the maze, they will not be awarded any Gold Pieces nor will they accrue any Experience Points except those for any monsters/opponents they did successfully defeat up to the point of failing in the maze.

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