Friday, July 19, 2013

WikiMage is growing again

Being the incessant Homebrewer that I am,  I have decided to translate my handwritten scraps for how to make certain things, like Deities, Monsters, demi-humans, etc... for my games and share them with others who like to homebrew.

In a discussion elsewhere, people asked me why I approach the game the way I do in that I prefer to homebrew more than use published supplemental materials.

The main reason I became a homebrewer is because I was broke.  all of us who played back then were.  Most of our little group (about 6 of us at any given time) only had the PHB if we had anything.  Only one guy, the DM at the time, also had the DMG, thus he was the DM.

That was it.  No other books were involved for us.  WE had one adventure module that we played (The DM had picked it up with an old boxed set that he got at a garage sale).  Everything else that we ever played was made up on the spot using nothing more than the PHB, the DMg and our imagination.

I finally bought the DMG and became the DM in awhile (part of the low price for the book was in keeping the promise to keep DMing).  That's what I did from that point on.  I homebrewed every single game.  I never so much as saw a copy of the D&DG, FF, MM2 or others until I started playing again about a year ago or so with my kids as the Players this time.

The internet is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

I have since had a chance to obtain the MM and the MM2.  i have been able to peruse the other supplemental books thanks to an online version of those books that a certain dedicated gamer has been working on converting the contents of those books into HTML form.

I think they are interesting, but certainly nothing "essential" about them.  They are not necessary to my playing the or designing an adventure.  There is some inspiration that can be found in some of them though.

All the same, at heart,  I am a homebrewer.  I suspect that there are many more homebrewers out there who like me couldn't afford to buy those other supplemental materials or just let their creativity take them away from the get go.

If the things I share in relation to my "How To Homebrew" pages on Wikimage are any help to someone, it's all good to me then.

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