Sunday, July 21, 2013

If you give a Klingon a double bladed battle-axe...

I love to create new stuff for my 1E/OSRIC game. 

Recently I was telling my son, one of my Players about how versatile AD&D 1E is an d the ability to make just about anything you want as long as it fits within the system and doesn't break other things in the game.

To make my point, I am creating a new demi-human based on the Klingons from Star Trek.  My son and I are making a new demi-god based on Marvel Comic's Beta Ray Bill character. We have already created a new fighter sub-class also based on Marvel Comic's Captain America.  In the recent past I have created a new Demon Lord and a Deity.

1E is terrific for creating your own world and everything in it.  it's a Homebrewer's delight.   At least, that's how I roll.

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