Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back In Black

After about a 20 year hiatus from the game, I have returned.  I have been exploring some of the newer versions of AD&D but I still prefer my good old 1980's version.

Way back about 1986, I played AD&D with some other fellas in high school and we had a blast.  Although we had the fun of the game itself, there was enough "libation" and "herbal remedies" involved that as a player, things got a little dis-jointed at times.

I ended up playing with another group after that (and after I left behind those "special beverages" and "herbal remedies") and actually learned a lot more about the game and had a lot of fun.

It was then that I took my shot at being a Dungeon Master after the guy who had been doing let himself be encouraged to play a character through a game and let me step up for a rookie attempt.  I became the primary DM of the group after that as everyone seemed to like my handling of the story and participation.

Life caught up and I was away for a couple of years.  Then I returned briefly to DM for some high school students I was mentoring as a youth outreach worker.  They had been trying to get a game up, but none wanted to DM, they all wanted to play a character, I was able to fill that role for them for about a year or so.  Then again, the books and dice got put away.

Turn the page and come to now.  My own kids (12 and 10 yrs old) have discovered my books and dice and after explaining it all to them, have gotten the idea to play the game themselves.

So here I am, re-entering the world of 1st edition AD&D again as a Dungeon Master for my own kids.

To be honest though, I have never really had the game too far out of mind.  As someone who likes to write and read fantasy fiction, being a DM has always been the most fun for me as it really allows my storyteller and fantasy freak to escape and spread it's wings.

Now with new technology like Google Plus video hangouts, I am looking forward to getting a group of players together to play online as well.  Don't you just love free social network technology?

Come on back and feel free to add your comments, ideas, suggestions, and even questions as I turn my imagination loose and welcome everyone to my AD&D world.

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