Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First Adventure Is Under Their Belts

My kids finished their first AD&D adventure today, the one I mentioned in a previous post that was started a couple days ago. "Pop Goes The Meazle".

They got very close to advancing character levels and got some treasure.  Overall, their conclusion is, to quote my 12 year old, "I love this game!!!"

A couple of the kids characters came close to scrubbing out a couple of times.  First level player characters can take one heck of a beating at the hands of creatures like meazles and giant frogs and rats and stuff like that.

It was a lot of fun for me to knock the rust off of the old Dungeon master skills.   I can really tell how much I've been out of it too.

That's ok though, by the end of the game,  I starting smoothing out the rough edges.  By the time I've got a couple more games under my belt here,  I'll be back up to snuff and able to DM like I did back when I did it all the time.

Even more cool was the fact that I got to spend some fun, good time with my kids, just us using our imaginations.

Isn't it amazing what some paper and dice can do to help pass an afternoon in peaceful, everybody-getting-along and not-tearing-around-the-house bliss?

They're already asking about the next game to play and when can we start.

I love it.

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