Friday, November 25, 2011

Onto a New Adventure, Banked Swamp

After the last game, Grimlock the magic user went to rest & study the Ring of Water Walking.  Fighter Illumina stayed in Rashtan to recuperate from injuries.  Baer the Druid went back to his bees and meadery.

Upon asking around the village of Rashtan for ideas for a next adventure, Glowra the theif (aka "good-willed 'repo specialist') and fighter Crush decided to move on out of town.

They met fighters Aragorn and Rowan at a table in the Wayward Inn and met Luminesa the magic user and fighter Grim just before leaving.

Crush will act as the team leader and wants to head south to follow up on rumors of a haunted swamp.


The group went South to the town of D'Nar and after inquiring at the Sheriff's office, the White Horse Tavern and the Olde & Antiquarian Bookstore, pieced together a story of a swamp South of D'Nar that may very well hold an adventure and a treasure worth fighting for.

Along the way, the group was randomly attacked by a Worg Wolf, which they defeated after a bit of a struggle.

Without further delays, they arrived at the edge of Banked Swamp close to nightfall, but the group leader, Crush, said everyone was to camp for the night outside of the swamp in order to get an early start in the day.  He also decided there would be no-one standing guard overnight.

Just before sunrise, a Giant Frog was about to randomly attack the sleeping group.

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