Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wiki tables in my head

As I anticipated, the tables, oh lord the tables, are the biggest time consumer in the Wiki-Mage conversion of the AD&D 1E books into a wiki.

The real problem isn't so much creating tables in mediawiki.  That's actually not too difficult.

No, the hard part is the typing.  Soooo much content.  Even that wouldn't be so bad but I am not and never will be a great typist.  each of my fingers hits 2 keys at once.  The amount of editing I have to do after typing one sentence is amazing. 

But, we plod onward.  I am nearly done with the bigger part of the Players Handbook.  Once the last two spell tables are done, all that's left is to add the spell explanations.

Then we tackle the DM's guide.  Oy vey!

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