Saturday, November 26, 2011

I don't get it personally

I have recently seen on a user forum about people wanting to "de-Tolkien-ize" AD&D.  Essentially taking out the Tolkien-esque elements.

I didn't reply to the thread because I really have nothing to add to it in terms of suggesting ways to "de-Tolkien-ize" it.   I don't see a need to do that at all.

This is a fantasy roleplay game.  Even though people have quoted the creator of the game not being to strong on Tolkien-esque inclusions, he went ahead and added them anyway.

If nothing else, I think the variety and range make the game more fun.  To wit... it's a game folks, the point is to have fun first and foremost.

Now, if folks want to eliminate Tolkien-esque characters and influences from their game as a DM, I am all for it.   I support them 100%.  It's their world, their table, their game.  Do as you like.

But to suggest that those elements don't belong in the game books for everyone?  No,  I can't go with that.  Not that they did suggest that.  I'm just sayin.

 Vive la Game!!

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