Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beekeeping Player Characters Score Big

Beekeepers eat honey.  Most do anyway.

Honey is good for health in general, So I see beekeeping PC's having and extra 1 point added to their Constitution score.

Beekeepers get stung.  Bee stings are known for helping with everything from helping people with MS and arthritis move better.  It reduces joint stiffness and improves joint mobility.  I can see beekeeping PC's getting an extra 1 point added to their dexterity score, no problem.

Beekeepers are sought out by many people due to their accumulation of knowledge with all things honey beeswax and solving bee problems.  An easy 1 point added to the beekeeping PC's Charisma score.

Beekeepers must understand nature, biology, plant and flower growth, weather and environmental effects on bees and plants, and a lot more.  Who wouldn't see a beekeeping PC with an extra 1 point added to their intelligence score?

Beekeepers move lots of bee hive boxes, especially hive boxes loaded with honey.  Those boxes can weigh from 60 to 90 lbs a box and ambitious beekeepers can have to pick up, carry, stack and unstack dozens, sometimes literally hundreds of those heavy boxes.  Yes, beekeeping builds a better body.  So why not an extra 1 point added to their strength score as well.

Last but not least, beekeepers spend a lot of time communing with nature.  Making observations, learning to listen and have patience with the bees.  It's obvious that beekeeping PC's would gain an extra 1 point in their wisdom score as well.

So yes, as a DM, I will give the newly created Player Character who has their profession as a beekeeper an extra 1 point to their ability scores across the board.

I feel better now.  mm hmmm.

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