Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Is It Melee Time Now? How About Now? Now?

The single-most difficult thing I have had to re-acquaint myself with in coming back to AD&D is melee time management.

I know I used to handle it pretty well.  That was twenty years ago though and for whatever reason, it's not coming back to me.

If I could get my head wrapped around what happens and how many things are happening per segment,  I think the rest will fall into place for me.

As it is I think I'm doing ok, until I get to melees, then I stumble and stagger though them.

I'm hoping someone at DF forum takes pity on me and gives me some good advice on the subject I posted there.   They usually do and I appreciate that.

It's the only part of the game currently that's not very fun right now and I don't want that to stay that way.

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