Monday, December 26, 2011

Welcome To My World: Terra Ursa

Terra Ursa is truly "my" world. It is the world in which the games I create and run are done in.

There are countries which are "free lands" meaning the people are not enclaved or live in serfdoms, etc...

There are also countries in which monachies and dictatorships exist.

I use a blank map of the continenatal United States as the "world" map of Terra Ursa. Each state is a different country.

To start off with, what would have been the state of Nebraska, where I live, is the country in which we started our gameplay in.   It is called "Plainsland" and is a country of free people.

The government is run by a council of elected representatives from each region within the state (represented by the "real life" county lines).There are three branches of government. legislative, judicial and marshall.

The legislative "Governers" are elected from each region and come together for a period of 30 days once a year to convene a "Congress" and deal with matters of national importance. Otherwise, they remain in their own region as elected from and preside in the day to day governence therein.

The judicial is a council of Judges who are also elected by their regions and come together once a year to decide on matters of greater scale. Otherwise, they remain in their regiions traveling from town to town to mete out justice.

The Marshall branch is an elected person from each region to be the chief person of law enforcement and tax collection. They will deputize town marshalls to handle law enforcement in various towns, cities and villages throughout their represented region and convene for a period of 30 days once a year to handle matters of national importance with other marshalls.

Elections are scheduled once every 6 years for each branch of government. None of them within the same period of ,every two years an election for each branch is held. ie.. this year, legislative elections. in two years from now, marshall elections. in two years after that, Judicial elections and repeat.
Elected officials may only hold office for two terms at most. The laws themselves are far and few and only to regulate matters of life and death or national importance.

Spell casters of any kind are barred from elected office. They may be employed by various branches of government, but are subject to supervision of a non spell casting elected official. They must sign the "Oath of Obedience" that was specifically created by a very patriotic and extremely powerful wizard named Oth-Fell which, upon signing, casts a spell of obedience and honesty upon the spell caster thus employed to prevent them from using their powers against the government or representatives.

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