Saturday, December 24, 2011

BtB or not BtB, That is the question...

In returning to AD&1E I thought I was pretty traditional/conservative in stick to things By the Book.

Now,  not so much.

In some ways I am. 
  • I prefer to use combat tables instead of using THAC0.
  • I prefer to stay in the classes/races as provided for  (minus barbarians, acrobats, etc...)

However, I find that I am not one of the "Vancian" AD&D purists when it comes to magic use and spellcasters.  I don't like the "one a day" system and what I think of as too many restrictions on low level spell casters (as I have discussed in other posts here).

Not that I have anything against those who prefer it, it's just not what I think works best in my games.  So, I change it to work for my games.

Does this mean I'm not playing AD&D anymore?   I like to think so.  According to the Afterword in the Dungeon Masters Guide,

...As you hew the line with respect to conformity to major systems and uniformity of play in general, also be certain the game is mastered by you and not by your players. Within the broad parameters given in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons volumes, you are creator and final arbiter.

By ordering things as they should be, the game as a whole first, your campaign next, and your participants thereafter, you will be playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons as it was meant to be...

To me that means, the game comes first.  in another part of the book, he states that the Dungeon Master should play not by the letter of the rule, but by the spirit of the rule.  

Again,  I take this to mean that while the books should be heeded where they can be, the DM has the last word on the subject.  over-ruling even the book itself.

And so I do.

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