Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Meet my Characters: Baer

Baer, pronounced "bahr", is a level 2 human Druid who operates as a honey producing beekeeper and runs a meadery.

He has a pet skunk named Jack who is ornery and is Baer's only consistent companion.

Baer is a natural born citizen of Plainsland in Terra Ursa but does not know his parentage or town of origin. He was taken in as an orphan while an infant and raised as a Druid from then on by a Druid.

Baer is very much a solitary type who will grudgingly go along on adventures with certain parties he feels will not have success but should (usually because of some nature protecting cause tied to their objective).

Baer does not "chit chat" or socialize. He is very to the point and says exactly what he thinks and believes, regardless if others might be offended. It's not that he intends to offend anyone, but he is just so brutally honest and he believes that is more important than hurt feelings.

Baer's upward mobility as a Druid is essentially unlimited as Druids are very rare in Terra Ursa and there are only 2 others also of lower levels scattered throughout all of Terra Ursa. However, Baer isn't really concerned about fighting for ascension, power and prestige. He is happy enough with his bees, Jack and making mead.

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