Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Map Making and Dungeon Drawing

I'm looking online at rpg map making tools and I'm not really impressed by the few out there.  I applaud their efforts at providing what they do have for free, but,  I find that, free or not, they're not helping me to really get the job done well enough.

So, I turned to apps  ialready have installed on my trusty LMDE computer here to see what  Ican accomplish.

I'm not a GIMP pro, heck, I'm not even a GIMP amateur.  Much as I would like to say I can use GIMP to make these maps and drawings, it's way out of my league.  I was able to make a pdf file that had square and hexagons for map creation and turn it into a gif file though, that helped.

So, I turned to LibreOffice Draw, like MS OFFice Draw for you non-nixers out there.

I opened the new gif file with Draw and was able to use the tools to make a pretty decent map/drawing of Margles Tomb.  It's perhaps not the very greatest drawing out there, but it is very usable and gets done what I needed done more than adequately.

I think Linux and opensource software has shown itself a winner for me yet again in what it is able to help me do.

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