Sunday, December 4, 2011

By The Books

Every Dungeon Master does things differently.   I think that's pretty obvious.

However,  I think that for the most part, there are three major "types" of DM's and even players out there.

Those who follow the books as if they are written in stone laws.

Those who use the books more as general guidelines but feel free to deviate/customize at will

Those who fall somewhere in the middle.

I won't lie.   I am a "guidelines" type if there ever was one.  The dice do not run my games, I run the dice to help me run the game.  Meaning, there are times, many times, I don't use dice at all, I just make a judgement call as it fits into the situation.

To me, the game itself, the story line, the experience for the players, is more important than technicalities.

I have no problem with people who take other postitions about the game, be they more "by the book" or in the middle.

No one will ever force a player whose style doesn't fit with mine to play at my table.  No harm, no foul, no offence taken on my part or intended.

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